Valeriano – Cousas em Couro was born from my participation in Medieval Fairs. It has the purpose of showing and making unique and custom-made leather items that are requested to me or self-inspired.

To buy something handmade is to buy from someone who cares.

Notebook Bags
Waist Bags
Bags for Bikes
Custom Bags
Valeriano Bica Machado’s official web site, where you can know more about his 30+ year craftsman career, as well as the 3 strands of this artist’s production: Cousas em Couro, Leather Goods and Cork Accessories.

Rua Santo Ildefonso Nº 34 1º Andar 4000-463 Porto - Portugal
+351 93 436 51 83
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09:00 - 19:00
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