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Home News And...2020 is gone.

And…2020 is gone.

So, christmas has gone and the year has just finished. And what a strange one… changed millions lives, the unthinkable just happened.

We were living life at the fullest, with UHD colouring all of our dreams, projects, ambitions and desires. And… suddenly, like a sea mist, that sprend itself along the world, bringing chaos, all of our dreams were postponed.

Yesterday, feeling were lived spontaneously.

Today, what we feel closely it’s the fingerprints on a screen.

What a strange year that we’re living. A year where we had time for everything,to think, to meditate, to restart.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is so far away, but we persist on taking the boat to a safe place. Why? Because we believed .

Some more optmistic, some more negative. But we believe that we gonna get out of this muddy swamp.

The original idea of this article was writing a throwback back of 2020, that starts like a flower field in the spring, with all the petals emerging shyly, dropping small crystalline dew’s drop. . But, as the flower grew so did the thorns, and the last was the most visible since march.

Was awful. Horrific. No lights at the end of the tunnel. No lights at all. Emptyness.

So empty, so hollow, that what’s from within is outside, and the outside don’t even know where it is.. But the thing is, it’s not just you, it is millions wondering, with no map, no path, in the vast ocean.

There’s friend to give support, even them on the vast ocean, but with hearts open to listen me, cheer me up, and help taking this boat to a harbour. To them my huge regards, for all the patience and time that was given.

To my clients, the few, that trusted me and made me feel valued, relevant. . Some of that work was really challenging, creations that I was intended to do for a long time, but just with this blameless stop I was able to end it. .

Some entered to my place and left has a friend, for that im truly thankful.

2021 will not return to everything as we know’ but as we believe let’s just fight for a better place to live.

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