And…2020 is gone.

So, christmas has gone and the year has just finished. And what a strange one… changed millions lives, the unthinkable just happened. We were living life at the fullest, with

To Create

To create, to give existence to. A long, long time ago, as normal, I was a part of a group of friends, where the Arts in general were the common

Why a Blog?

Why a Blog? In this third article, I would like to let you know what I want with this Blog. I promise it won’t be long, and as concise as

Valeriano Handcraft

Valeriano – Artesanato is a single-person company, established in 1982. The raw materials used are skin and cork. The pieces are drawn, cut, drilled and sewed with leather thread, cut

My Story

It was by absolute chance that I started in the handicraft business, living in Graça (Lisbon) and working in a publicity agency. A lot of foreign people would visit local