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Why a Blog?

Why a Blog?

In this third article, I would like to let you know what I want with this Blog.

I promise it won’t be long, and as concise as possible. And in reality it is convenient, because I still have to translate it to English, with help of course, because I’m not good at it (maybe in all of them).I will try to do one or two articles a week but I can’t make any promises.

This is dedicated to talking a little bit about my work as a Craftsman. Although this is difficult for me, because I am aware I digress a lot. As normal, one word leads to another … it’s like cherries. (Stop!).  – Okay, keep calm, getting back to the subject.

I intend to talk about the materials I use, about some techniques, how ideas come about, failed attempts (and there were many).

If you have any questions, or ask me to talk about a specific subject, you can do it by Whatsapp, you can also do it in the comments that are already activated. The newsletter still doesn’t work, because I have to learn how to work with it. (I have to find an advisor eh eh eh). I will be happy to answer to all of your questions.

(Xiiii for someone who said it was going to be concise ….)  and for now …

Dance to your favorite music and be happy!

Valeriano                                             Post Scriptum

– Is anyone going  to read this?

– Well … if they read my story …

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