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To Create

To create, to give existence to.

A long, long time ago, as normal, I was a part of a group of friends, where the Arts in general were the common link. Creation was a strong theme in our ramblings, so much that we created a motto:

Creation is 50% willpower, 40% inspiration and 10% natural stupidity.

I always liked to create on the base of the impulse, especially with what surrounded me. I remember that when I started, my work was limited to earrings, bracelets and necklaces and the material I used was brass, copper, beads, bamboo, 2 pliers and a nail clipper. Not having a Trim nail clipper was the chaos. Why? Because it was the cheapest version of the pliers.
The inspiration for the models of earrings or necklaces would come from the streets of Lisbon, looking at the facades of the buildings, their wrought iron balconies. Between geometric and wavy lines, something started to form in my head.

Sometimes things went well, from idealization born concretization, other times it resulted in failure.
But whenever I managed to get as close as possible to what I had accomplished, all failures were overcome, because it’s the mistake that forces us to move forward, to do better. That’s when we get the reward of not having lowered our arms. Whenever an obstacle appears to us, it is in the solution that we must spend our energy.

It is by making a mistake, and reflecting about that mistake, that I move forward, as a human being and as a professional.

And… That’s all for today. Thank you!


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